Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Sale - (other new posts below)

i know we're only 14 days away from Xmas, and most of you out there probably have already picked up something for your loved ones, but why not pick up something else? or, why not pick up a little gift for yourself.

how about some art?

i'm offering a great deal now, everything is 20-25% off*. that's crazy blowout prices!

sale ends january 15.

*does not include these paintings: fading away, sunrise, or weltanschauung. but, these paintings will be sold for 15% off! still a good deal.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

art update

here's a brief update of what i am/have been working on

these first three were quicker, small pieces done just change things up. they're all 10"x11" framed and will sell rather cheaply


sunlight over a field

light through covered glass

these next two are ones in different stages of a progress. the first has a bit to go, i think, but the second may be almost finished (depending on how it looks as it dries)

living in it (2'x2', oil on wood)

walking together (2'x4', oil on wood)