Monday, April 21, 2008

may art hop

i just booked my next show. i had talked with the people during my last art hop show, but finally confirmed all the details

art hop reception
thursday, may 1, 2008.
5-8 pm

california arts academy
severance building - tower district
1401 n. wishon, at floradora

i also went over to view the space. it'll be interesting to show there, and i was able to plan some of the lighting for the event. it'll be a smaller show, probably 8 pieces.

as i thought about the upcoming show, it reminds me that in some ways i need to really think of my art as a business. well, at least to consider the business aspect of it. think of taxes; can i write off the money spent on flyers for shows? i know i can write off some of my materials purchased. i guess i need to keep better records for all of these things, as well as make sure i'm booking things (officially) further out. because, now i'm up against a show that's a little over a week away. flyers to be done asap. and that definitely means the show won't feature anything completely new, as i haven't finished the three i'm really working on right now. well, maybe one will get done. who knows.

fortunately, the set up should be relatively easy, as it's located right across the street from my place. seriously, i could hit this place with a rock from my driveway.