Monday, December 29, 2008

painting update

good news, i finally know where my city hall painting is going. it struck me tonight, giving me a title. it's progressed quite away since the earlier photo below.

the new title: fresno's diamond in the rough.

as i painted and thought about fresno's city hall, i searched for its heart. i thought of confusion, i thought of politics as usual, and i also thought of the change that is about take place as a new mayor takes office.

the painting is currently a side view of the city hall, a view that i've always loved more than the front or back. something about the dramatic lines, the roof, etc. in my painting it really takes on a diamond shape, especially because of the trees and such the limit the view near ground level.

so, as i work on this painting, i know that fresno has potential. city hall could be a precious gem. or, it could just stay a diamond in the rough.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

upcoming work

here are two photos of the current piece i'm working on. this first one was taken with a flash, and then i dropped the brightness to reduce the flash glare.

the second photo was taken without the flash, and then brightened to try and pick up the colors a little better.

obviously, the colors are somewhere in between. obviously, this painting will continue to evolve, as it's far from done. right now it's just sort of abstract, and as it dries and i add more to it, the piece will take on much more of my feel to it. hopefully.

for those that don't know the subject, it's based on fresno's city hall. it should be one of three or four pieces i'll be showing in the roque 2009 festival. hopefully they'll all be based on fresno subjects.