Friday, May 30, 2008

in progress work

here's a painting i'm currently working on. it's untitled right now, and is 3'x3'

the beauty about working in oils is that if you don't like something, paint over it. i guess that you can do that w/acrylics, too, but i really like it in oil because of the weight that it'll give as you go over what you didn't like.

in this piece, i originally had a bunch of swirls. you can still see them in the photo, although they're covered. they start @ the bottom left and move up through the center. i was planning on just a light cover over them, and as i first started i thought it looked alright. the more i did, the less i liked. but i also got paint coverage over everything and color wise this is definitely where i'm headed on the piece. of course, i've got something i'm going to try on it as i continue to layer over the swirls, we'll see how i like that.


Adam said...

I'll have to see it in person because the impression that I'm getting from the photo is that I like the underlying texture of the swirls with the horizontal strokes of color.

edluv said...

the more i've looked @ the picture, they're growing on me, too. but i'm still not convinced. my work load is heavier this week, so i'm not sure how much painting i'll do, so i may keep seeing it and decide to keep going that way.