Monday, August 16, 2010

august '10 art update

my last update was in april, which is terribly long ago. it's been a combo of forgetfulness and inactivity. it's not like i've been completely away from painting. i worked on a few pieces, and even have had 2 shows - 1 @ the rogue festival, 1 @ patrick contreras' violin studio. and, i've been moving along on some paintings. but, i finally realized how long it had been, so i put up a post. and, i started a new painting that i took a bunch of in progress shots of.

lambs to the slaughter - i actually showed this painting in an unfinished manner at the rogue festival. since then i've begun working on the faces of the lambs, and the overall coloring of their bodies. i took this photo today before i added some reds inside of the lamb furthest to the left's mouth

shema - this painting is based on repetition. basically, i've been writing deuteronomy 6:4-8 over and over and over on this board. i'm not exactly sure where i am in the process on this. it's developing some nice colors and rhythm and so we'll see where it goes. i've basically been using 5 colors and i think when i get it to an almost finished stage i'll write it one last time in white.

this next painting is brand spanking new. here's the board i began with:

next, i sketched out a thought of a figure in front of the tower theater in a grease pencil

and then color. shading/blending/whatever else will come later, this was about getting paint on it

some ground color added

shading on the body. love this yellow/green combo and the grays on the ground

so, that's where i'm at today. i'm quite excited to not only start a new piece but to just have it move along rather quickly. i've got to give the work a few days to set a little, but it's good to be working.


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