Thursday, December 11, 2008

upcoming work

here are two photos of the current piece i'm working on. this first one was taken with a flash, and then i dropped the brightness to reduce the flash glare.

the second photo was taken without the flash, and then brightened to try and pick up the colors a little better.

obviously, the colors are somewhere in between. obviously, this painting will continue to evolve, as it's far from done. right now it's just sort of abstract, and as it dries and i add more to it, the piece will take on much more of my feel to it. hopefully.

for those that don't know the subject, it's based on fresno's city hall. it should be one of three or four pieces i'll be showing in the roque 2009 festival. hopefully they'll all be based on fresno subjects.


Adam said...

I think I'll need to see it in person before offering comment. The shapes intrigue me but the color is too difficult to discern.

m.wise said...

i just went to city hall the other day. that's all.

Yosemite International Sam said...

random annoying question, how many of your pieces have you sold so far? i only ask because its difficult to gauge the market for local artists having only been back for a year.

edluv said...

not a problem. i'd over the last 5 years i sell 1-2 pieces a year. but, i'm not showing as much as i'd like, and have showed in some limited shows. but, i've also shown in bigger shows, like the rogue festival, and have gotten good exposure but not sold pieces.

the local market is difficult, i'd say. but, i know other artists selling pieces on a fairly regular basis, in the $500-$1500 range. i'd guess they're more the exception than the rule, but i'm not sure.