Monday, December 29, 2008

painting update

good news, i finally know where my city hall painting is going. it struck me tonight, giving me a title. it's progressed quite away since the earlier photo below.

the new title: fresno's diamond in the rough.

as i painted and thought about fresno's city hall, i searched for its heart. i thought of confusion, i thought of politics as usual, and i also thought of the change that is about take place as a new mayor takes office.

the painting is currently a side view of the city hall, a view that i've always loved more than the front or back. something about the dramatic lines, the roof, etc. in my painting it really takes on a diamond shape, especially because of the trees and such the limit the view near ground level.

so, as i work on this painting, i know that fresno has potential. city hall could be a precious gem. or, it could just stay a diamond in the rough.

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